About Us

About Us

Kamila Busygina

I’m Ukrainian brand strategist, graphic designer, digital marketing manager and fashion enthusiast. In five years, that I have been on the field, I faced problems that many businesses deal with everyday - small budgets or lack of specialists that know, how the market really works(not from books, but real life situations), creation of solid base before launching the product.

I have been working in Ukrainian luxury accessories brand as social media and marketing manager for 5 years. We have been though all ups and downs in really difficult niche, but it was totally worth the knowledge gained. I have also been working as graphic and web designer for different projects through all this years. Find my showcases here.

Right now, it’s a new chapter in my life. I believe that my experience and knowledge can be useful for others, so that’s what I’m here for!

Outlet: Germany — 785 15h Street, Office 478/B Green Mall Berlin, De 81566
Phone: +1 1234 567 88
+888 999 666 77

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